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Written by Sergi Belbel

Sponsored by Student Theatre Production Board @ USF


Pablo Alameda | Harrison Baxley | Jada Canty | Louis Duchin | Talia Fish | Ashley Gomez

Set Design: Soledad Sanchez    Costuming: Nadalia Hiraldo   Lighting: Jayce Bertucelli   

Sound: Chris Rutherford & Breanne Goodman    Props: Amy Jackson   Fight/Intimacy Director: Dan Granke   

Fight Captain: Pablo Alameda    Intimacy Captain: Jessie Dorsey     Marketing: Amanda Clark   

Technical Director: Chris Pyfrom   Advisor: Dora Arreola     Stage Management: Jessie Dorsey     

Assistant Stage Manager: Symba Boutin    Crew: Kristina Kourkoulos & Reiss Medou McCafferty

Direction and Choreography: Kidany Camilo

Performed through Nick Hern Books

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