Honest. Witty. Driven.

From lip-syncing Grease back in middle school to performing the three-hour epic Angels in America, Kidany’s determined spirit continues to push them to greater heights. Kidany Camilo [pronounced /’kidani’kamilɔ/] (pronouns he/she/they) is an actor, director and educator. Originally from Bayamón, Puerto Rico, they were raised by their loving grandparents that played boleros on blast on Radio Oro 92.5. They found their passion while being a part of the theatre club in middle school, since then it’s all been uphill. They took voice lessons and acting lessons outside of school to improve their craft, but they wanted more. It was only a matter of time before the islander left paradise in order to pursue their passions.


Through hard work and unconditional support from their family, Kidany is a graduate of USF's undergraduate theatre program and is currently getting their MFA at Purdue University. When they are not in the theater, you can find them playing video games [most likely Smite, Final Fantasy or Pokémon], learning the dance routine to a new video, or researching how to get Acerola [pronounced /asɛˈɾola/] ice cream delivered to them stateside.


Some of Kidany’s notable roles include: Earthworm in James and the Giant Peach (ThinkTank Theatre), José Mexicano in Four Guys Named José and Una Mujer Named María (Stageworks Theatre), and Prior Walter in Angels in America (Purdue Theatre). Some of his dream roles are: Valmont in Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Fabrizio in The Light in the Piazza, and Samuel in Tiempo Muerto.


“Callar y quemarse es el castigo más grande que nos podemos echar encima” -Federico García Lorca, Bodas de Sangre (II.1).

“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves”

-Federico García Lorca, Blood Wedding (II.1).